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1) What were your influences and inspirations during the making of Almah?

 I wanted to make a very natural album. Without thinking about maketing, about Angra, about anything...I just left my thoughts run free. Without pressure. Those songs are the true essence of my spirit. My main idea was making a simple, sensible, heavy and modern album.


2) Two years after TOS, there are "Aurora" and "Almah". How did you manage to record both albums?

 Actually, I made Almah  during January until April of 2006, and Aurora was made during June until September. So It was quite easy.


3) What track do you prefer singing in Aurora Consurgens? Why?

 I like singing “The course of Nature”, cause this is the typical song that I feel better to sing, my voice sounds very natural and comfortable in this song.


4) Will there be a tour for Almah?

 I really would like to make a world tour with Almah, especially now that AFM records will release it in Europe on March 1st. But now I´m touring with Angra. So it´s quite difficult! But who knows? Maybe in the future !!!


5) What will be the next video from Angra?

 We did a video for “The course of Nature” and the next one will be “Breaking Ties”


6) What are your feelings about Almah? About Aurora?

Almah is like a son! I put all my soul in it! I composed, played, arranged and produced the whole album, so, I learned a lot with that! And I love the album because of the athmosphere of the songs. My friends Emppu, Lauri and Casey helped me a lot with that! I will never forget them!

Aurora Consurgens is very cool as well, it´s the heaviest album we did. It´s really nice because I feel, this is the tour that we are playing better. So it made me like more this album than the others.


7) Did the compostion of Almah influence you for the one of Aurora?

Not only me! I´m sure when Angra heard my solo album, Almah, they said, “Wow! we could do something like this, but with the Angra´s touch of course”


8) You have a different voice for Almah and for Angra. How did you decide which to choose for which album? Did you record the 2 albums in the same state of mind?

Well...when I recorded all vocals for Almah, I was alone. Nobody told me “Do this or that”. I was my own producer. I think after more than 15 years as a professional singer, I know exactly what is better to my voice, much more than anyone. So it sounded more natural in Almah than in Angra for sure.


9) Knowing how hard it is to compose and record an album, how did you protect your voice? Was it difficult to record 2 albums?

I’m used to make exercises and take care of my voice, but unfortunally, sometimes shit happens, like it happened to me after The “Rebith world tour”. I lost my voice, and I needed to record a new album and make another world tour after Temple of Shadows, singing really bad. I was not happy with that. Cause part of the tour I sang totally strange and feeling bad. I was really sad because I knew that this singer wasn´t me. So sorry for the last tour if somebody thought that I was not singing well. Now I´m ok again, you´ll see in February!J

When I recorded Almah and Aurora I knew that I did have a problem in the past, so I took care even more!!!


10) Will we have the privilege to hear you singing in French?

 It could be very interesting!! Maybe in the future! Why not? Good Idea!


11) How did you experience the participation to The "Genius" Rock Opera? Will you do it again?

 It was a great honnor being invited by Daniele Liverani! He´s a great musician and composer! If he invites me again...of course!


12) Concerning the Almah cover : what does it represent ? What is the link between the cover, the album and its concept of human emotions? I think there is a human heart behind this kind of skeleton, isn’t it? Just tell me more about this cover. 

Well...the album talks about human feelings, like love, hate, greed, treason, etc. All those feelings involve mind, body and soul...Since the very begining I wanted something connected to the whole concept, something with mind, body and soul, I wanted those 3 elements in the cover. And then we had this idea, having the skeleton to represent body, the heart to represent soul and the “observer” (the old man) to represent mind, the reason. Of course there are other elements that represent other kind of feelings, but it´s secret!

13)Now, concerning the musicians who took part in  “Almah” : why did you choose particulary these guys ? Except Edu Ardanuy, these musicians come from so far countries! (sure, USA are not so far...) But two of them come from Finland!
Did you know these guys before? I think you know Edu since years by meeting him often in Brazil, and Emppu by Temple of Shadows Asian Tour. But what about the others?

You are right about Emppu and Ardanuy. But I met Casey in Europe once and later in Brazil during The Kamelot´s Brazilian Tour! And Lauri Porra is a friend of mine since I met him in Japan, in 2002, when he played with Sinergy. We did a Japanese tour together. But the main thing is I wanted firstly, nice people and REAL FRIENDS to play with me. That´s why I chose those guys!

14) If you make an “Almah Tour”, will all these guys be touring with you? If  you make this tour, will you play guitar and keyboards, or you’ll just sing? If not, have you ever think of a keyboard player? Fabio Laguna

Actually, I have no time to make a tour with Almah at the moment, because of Angra. And I think Emppu, Lauri and Casey, don´t have time either. But when I have time to do that, I will invite them to do it. And if they can´t, I will invite other musicians to be part of The Almah´s tour. Yes I will play the guitar and the piano in some songs. Of course I will invite Fabio as well. I did one concert in Rio de Janeiro, it was amazing, believe me, the Almah´s concert is very cool! Very powerful!

15) Concerning the release of Almah : the disc is out in Brazil and Japan since the middle of 2006. It will be out here in Europe in march. On your brazilian official homepage, we can read this following information : “The limited edition digi-pack will include two EXCLUSIVE bonus tracks. »
Does this information mean that Europe could be treated better than Japan? :D Amazing!
Bonus tracks are often different of the other tracks, of the main concept. What about these two tracks? How will they be tittled? 

This time, because AFM will release it after Brazil and Japan, we decided to give them 2 new songs with the same line up of the whole album. Those two songs called “Supermind” and “The sign of glory”, talk about the same concept of the album. “Supermind” talks about intuition, the power of mind and “The sign of glory” talks about fantasy, imagination! I love this song.

16) Now concerning Aurora Consurgens : I’ve read several interviews given by other members of Angra about Aurora Consurgens and its main ideas, its origin ; so I prefer to talk about your personal job in this album.
First, I just want to congratulate you for your performance in Aurora Consurgens. Your voice sounds better than ever. It seems to be more mature than all you’ve done before.
You’ve written lyrics of “The Course of Nature” and you composed the music of « Breaking Ties ». It’s strange to see that a singer like you, who gives life to these lyrics, don’t write so much lyrics in the album. I don’t say that it’s a bad thing, but in my mind, the contrary would be more logical, you know? But it’s just a thing I say as a fan : of course I’m not musician or composer! And when I look to your job on the older albums of Angra, and more particulary on Temple of Shadows, on which you’ve composed part of the music of three tracks, I can just say that you’re more than just a singer, more than an interpreter ; but a real good musician and composer. And it is so true when I listen to Almah!
I’ve been really, really impressed by Temple of Shadows. It’s a so good album!
But Aurora Consurgens is amazing! I couldn’t think that you and the other guys could be able to make a so good  album. Rafael was right to let the other members write some lyrics, hehe!
Angra innovates at each new album, but without forgetting and disown its roots... Thanks for that! 

First of all, thank you for your amazing words about me! I´m really happy! I worked hard during 15 years just to read something like that, I never wanted to read that I´m better than someone, it´s “bullshit”! I´m an artist and not a Olympic Athlete. So any comparisons between musicians are ridiculous.  I just wanted to know that someone recognized all my effort and talent. Actually I use to compose many songs and lyrics. But to be very honest, in Angra the things are not so simple as they are in a solo project....I´m always learning and I´m sure that I´m gonna learn even more each day! Thank you very much!!!

18) Are you more eager to see Aurora Consurgens high in the charts or to see Almah?

I love singing and composing in Angra, but of course Almah is very special, because it´s me! Simple like that! Angra is a big band, with a great history. But Almah, for me, is something personal, something more intimate.

19) How many instruments do you play? What do you prefer? Being a musician or a singer?

I play well the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, the bass and the keyboard. But I can have fun playing the drums as well. Firstly...I´m a singer! But I like playing instruments, it´s cool. I think being a singer it´s more difficult than being a bass player for example, cause I depends much more on my own health than the other musicians.

20) Why did you feel you have to go solo to record Almah? Did you feel the tracks were more for yourself than for Angra?

It was a great challenge, I wanted to make something to learn more as a singer, composer, musician and producer. I need that! I’m use to having many ideas, all the time. So I needed to free my feeling and my thoughts, they were burning inside me. I Think this is the right moment to release my solo album. And I wanted since the very begining something sounding pure, strong, natural, free of ego and fresh.

21) Will you sing one of your songs during the Aurora Tour? (I mean, a song from Almah?)´s impossible! It´s easier to sing some Angra´s song in the Almah tour.

22) Which artist influences you?

I have many influences, I like Jazz big bands from the 50’, like Glenn Miller, I like Tears for fears, Supertramp, I like hard rock bands like Ratt, Keel, TNT, classical music, etc....Actually, for me there are two kind of music, the one I like, and the one I don´t like, and that´s it! But as a singer Ronnie James Dio is my main reference!


23) Did you take classical lessons in a music school or conservatory?


I had many vocal lessons and I still practice vocal exercises, but I´m a self-taught musician. I’ve been singing since I am very young. I learned playing the guitars, the  bass and the piano by myself. I think my music is inside my soul, and not in books or theory.

24)Who got the idea to adapt Chopin's prelude in C minor to create Vision Prelude?

 It wasn´t me!



Thank you all for the interview!!! I´m looking foward to playing in France again!!! See you soon my friends!!! I wish you all the best!!!

Edu Falaschi

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